2023 Yamaha YZF-R3
Sleek R-Series styling
Featuring flowing bodywork and ergonomics inspired by the MotoGP® YZR-M1, complemented by new colours and graphics, the YZF-R3 is sleek, aerodynamic and refined.

High-revving supersport engine
Yamaha’s championship-winning technology gives the YZF-R3 a broad spread of power with exciting high-km/h performance.

Advanced suspension
The R3’s inverted fork works with a Monocross rear shock to provide exceptional handling, balanced chassis rigidity, a near 50/50 weight balance, and damping as well as spring settings designed for a wide range of road conditions.

Compact chassis
With a fully-fueled weight of only 170 kg and a seat height of only 76,2 cm, the YZF-R3 is ultra-light, nimble and confidence-inspiring on everything from tight city streets to wide-open racetracks.

Practical performance
A range of exclusive technologies ensures that the YZF-R3 combines Yamaha’s legendary refinement and reliability with thrilling performance, all while sipping fuel at an efficient 0,42 km per litre.

Potent twin-cylinder powerplant
Yamaha’s 321cc liquid-cooled, inline 2-cylinder engine delivers excellent power and performance throughout the rpm range. With a 180-degree crank design and integrated counterbalancer, the layout minimizes vibrations for a smooth, refined engine character.

High-revving engine architecture
With a compression ratio of 11.2:1, double overhead cams (DOHC) and four-valve cylinder heads, the YZF-R3 motor is designed for quick-revving performance and high-rpm efficiency to deliver an exciting ride with a broad spread of power.

Six-speed transmission
A smooth-shifting six-speed gearbox ensures the rider always has the right ratio, whether riding through tight canyon corners or racetrack straightaways.

Modern fuel injection
Downdraft induction fuel injection system provides easy starting, excellent fuel economy and responsive performance in all conditions.

Advanced cylinder construction
Yamaha’s unique DiASil—a high-silicon aluminium alloy—engine block is used to ensure excellent heat dissipation, with an innovative offset cylinder design that reduces horsepower loss and improves both power and fuel efficiency.

Strong lightweight pistons
Forged aluminium pistons—the same technology used for the YZF- R1—mean lighter weight and excellent strength at extreme temperatures, ensuring reliability at higher km/h.

Compact exhaust system
The short muffler design features modern styling and helps to centralize mass, improving agility for ultra-responsive handling.

Inverted front fork
The YZF-R3 features an inverted fork with optimized spring and damping settings, significantly improving fork rigidity, front-end feedback and control. The design also includes a YZR-M1-inspired top clamp for improved supersport style.

Monocross rear shock
The single-shock design further centralizes mass and is tuned to strike a balance between ride comfort and sporty performance, for capability across a wide range of uses, from urban commuting to track days. It’s also adjustable for spring preload which accounts for passengers or cargo.

Potent braking with ABS
The 298 mm floating-mount front disc brake ensures excellent stopping power, supported by a 220 mm rear disc, and an anti-lock braking system boosts rider confidence and prevents wheel lock-ups in reduced-traction conditions.

Sportbike-spec wheels & tyres
Stylish 10-spoke cast aluminium wheels minimize unsprung weight for improved suspension responsiveness and refined handling. Grippy Dunlop® radial tires offer enhanced traction and feedback for sporty riding too.

Perfectly balanced
Thanks to the engine placement and overall machine dimensions, the YZF-R3 features a near 50/50 front/rear weight distribution for enhanced performance, especially in dynamic canyon-carving or racetrack riding environments.


LED lighting
Light Emitted Diode (LED) elements are used for both the taillight unit and headlights. Not only do LEDs offer long life with minimal power draw, but they also provide brilliant illumination for confidence and visibility day or night.

Refined sportbike ergonomics
Thanks to the low-profile fuel tank design and relatively compact handlebar position, the rider can naturally grip the machine for confidence, especially when tucking aggressively behind the windscreen on the racetrack.

Digital instrumentation
The compact multi-function meter informs the rider of gear position, fuel capacity, real-time and average fuel economy, water temp, clock, and an oil change trip meter—all presented in a clean, modern layout.

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